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Hi! I'm Cassandra. I'm a graphic designer/visual artist living in Los Angeles. I started this little business at the beginning of quarantine when I lost my job. I’ve been making my own clothes and trying to be more sustainable with my fashion choices after I watched a documentary called “The True Cost” couple years ago. I had always known fast fashion and the fashion industry as a whole was pretty unethical and bad for the environment but I really underestimated HOW BAD it was. My hope with this line is that I can add something playful and unique to the sustainable fashion space without sacrificing wearability and quality. And of course without having a negative impact on the earth 🥰🌎. Each piece is carefully designed, cut, and sewn by hand by me ☻ I design all the fabrics and have them printed using eco-friendly dyes on the most sustainable fabric options.  When I'm not making clothes, I have my 4 year old crawling all over me. ✿✨

Resources to educate yourself on fashion industry practices (if you want!):

The True Cost documentary

Articles from Business Insider related to fashion + environmental impact

Info on the human cost/inhumane treatment of garment workers