Hi! I'm Cassandra. I'm a graphic designer/visual artist living in Los Angeles. A couple years ago I watched a documentary called “The True Cost” about the fashion industry and how it affects the people who produce the clothes we wear and the impact the industry is having on our world, specifically the environment. I thought I had been a pretty conscientious shopper (primarily thrifting and buying second-hand) but I was still guilty of popping into a Forever21 or H&M for a quick fix on a pretty regular basis. Watching that documentary was the tipping point for me and since then I’ve tried to continually educate myself on the fashion industry and be diligent about the choices I make. This also prompted me to learn how to make my own clothes! My hope with this line is that I can add something playful and unique to the sustainable fashion space without sacrificing wearability and quality. And of course without having a negative impact on the earth 🥰🌎✨

Every print on all the fabrics are created by me and digitally printed using eco-friendly dyes. Each garment is carefully, cut, sewn and constructed also by me, by hand! Thank you for being here and supporting this 1 woman operation!

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